Stanford Intellectual Vitality Essay: Tips for Success

When you are applying to the college, it is necessary to write a paper to demonstrate skills and show personality to the admission committee. For example, Stanford University asks its applicants to write several short essays, and one of them is a Stanford essay on intellectual vitality.

This paper seems not so easy to create, especially for those people who do not have enough writing experience. We have gathered the most effective hints in this article that will help you in making a successful and interesting paper to impress the admission committee. Go ahead and read how to make a great Stanford intellectual vitality essay without wasting your time!

How to Write Stanford Intellectual Vitality Essay Properly?

Like any other paper, writing Stanford university intellectual vitality essay requires brainstorming ideas, choosing a subject, making a clear plan, and writing the work itself. In this paper, you have to reflect on any idea or your experience that was quite important for your own intellectual development.

Focus yourself on discussing and explaining how this idea was important for you. This should not be just an informative essay, but it must contain a short analysis of your development. In fact, you can apply the term of intellectual vitality absolutely to anything. As an example, you can tell about how your passion for music from childhood has led you to become a member of a popular school band.

Even though this is a short work, it must be well-organized. You need to make an outline for your future paper to make it smooth and interesting for readers. Needless to say, your work should consist of three main parts: introduction, body part, and conclusion. Spend enough time on planning your future essay, and the writing process will be much easier for you!

Stanford Intellectual Vitality Essay Tips on Creating a Great Paper

If you feel stuck with your writing, feel free to use our effective Stanford intellectual vitality essay writing tips that will help you to make a successful work easily! These are five main components you should base your work at:

  1. Taste of ideas. When you face a new idea, your brain cannot stop thinking, you experience this familiar and strong wish to know more about the current idea! Do you keep asking yourself questions: where did it come from? What does it mean? You value and cherish these ideas because they feed your brain
  2. Dynamic mind. You always make comparisons and contrast between various things, looking for differences and similarities for things. You take all events as a potential for further analysis and exploration
  3. Curiosity. Usually, all children are very curious, and some parents even blame them for it, but in fact, curiosity is a part of intellectual vitality. It forces you to dig into something, get more new ideas, and learn new things constantly
  4. Ideas animate you. The thought process makes all your actions, beliefs, and decisions. You like and dislike certain things not because your family or friends do the same, but because these are your own conclusions
  5. Accept all ideas like a challenge. In fact, discovering something new and developing yourself is a big fun for you! It’s great to enjoy by arguing from various perspectives, it’s thrilling to accept a challenge and open new ideas, find your point of view, search for yourself

Your main task in the Stanford intellectual vitality essay college confidential is to show that in general, the intellectual vitality is not something heavy and difficult to get, but this is a thrill, this is a great source that feeds you with new invigorating ideas. Of course, it’s about seriousness too, but the intellectual vitality brings to you that inner glow other people can see.

When you are working on the paper, you may try to find and read a successful Stanford intellectual vitality essay that worked, but you have to remember that the future paper must contain only your own voice and ideas. Do not take thoughts from other essays, it won’t help. And if it is still hard for you to even start your own writing, you should ask for professional help.

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