Writing a Stanford Hitler Essay and Avoiding Possible Problems

Sometimes we need to write odd essays. Sometimes we have to do what is needed despite our willing. Today you will read about the exact situation. What should you do when you need to write a Stanford Hitler essay? This personality was a bad person, of course.

However, no matter how bad he was he must be remembered as an example of pure evil. The first thing you should know is the fact that you are expected to write very carefully without touching on some topics. From this post, you will know why Adolf Hitler can be your topic for an essay and what to write.

How Did Hitler Get into Stanford University Essay!?

Actually, there are several fields of science and knowledge where you can use a Hitler Stanford essay. Here are possible topics you can face:

  • Adolf Hitler and his paintings – he was a pretty good artist before he became a politician and dictator. You can be asked to esteem his art skills and techniques
  • Adolf Hitler and his book. Hitler wrote a book being imprisoned.  This book stays on the top of discussions even now. In some countries it is banned, in others, it can be published with comments. Literature and history essays may require analyzing this book
  • Economics of Germany in the 30’s. An economical essay can have a topic that concerns Germany in times of Hitler’s rule. There you have to analyze only the economic impact and effect produced by the Nazi authorities
  • Various humanity sciences cannot do without highlighting the Holocaust topic. And it will concern Hitler anyway. Be careful with the topic – it is extremely easy to make a harmful paper with it

As you can see, there are many different situations when you can face Hitler in the essay. And, despite the topic of an essay, there is a list of things you need to avoid. You do not want your essay to be banned as well, right? Check the list out:

  • Never disapprove or cancel Holocaust as the biggest tragedy of 20th century. In the majority of countries, public justification of Holocaust is banned and can lead to prison. There is nothing good in killing millions of innocent people. Never evaluate nationalism justification in academic papers and somewhere else
  • It is better not to describe the Holocaust scenes and happenings lively. Some people may feel extremely bad after reading about it. Your essay must be appropriate not only for your tutor but for any person as well
  • Do not compare any person with Hitler. No matter how you hate them, no one deserves being compared with pure evil. It is better not to touch personalities at all, actually
  • Never justify Hitler’s model of authority. No matter how his rule affected the country and people, the result was one: WW2 and total destruction
  • Do not try to justify Hitler’s ideas in the book. His book is just a set of lousy ideas of a very offended person with a right of free speech. Once this book led to the catastrophe. Do not try to make it again

If you need to write an admission essay for applying to Stanford University, a Hitler Stanford application essay is probably not a good idea. He can be mentioned somewhere as an example, but devoting the whole essay to him will not do well for you. Think twice before choosing the free topic for the paper.

Writing About What Did Hitler Do in His Essay

As we have already told, mentioning Hitler in college papers is not the best idea but it can be an obligation. In this case, you need to choose the historical facts and peculiarities of those times that will not be offensive. For example, you can write about peculiarities of Nazi economics. Actually, Germany in the 30’s was a unique blend of corporations and political authorities and sometimes it is interesting to describe it.

You can also try to describe why Adolf Hitler managed to rule the country. Describe social problems and options that drove the whole nation into evil.

The essay can be about the political structure of Nazi Germany. How the one-party government ruled, its features and peculiarities.

And the most common topic you will be offered to write is how to avoid Adolf Hitler in the future. Here you need to make a deep analysis of this person and give some advice on how to prevent similar tragedies with the imaginary or already existing examples.

All in all, any topic that concerns Adolf Hitler will be controversial. An essay will be great only if you follow the directions of this article.