All You Need to Know About Stanford Essay Requirements

Stanford is a university of a dream for many students every year. Like any other university, it tries to pick the best candidates. That is why it may have some pretty severe requirements for admission essays. In the following article, we will tell you about the main things they are expecting from your essay to accept you to the university. With us, you can become one of many people who has pinned their essays on the wall and entitled it ‘This is the essay that got me into Stanford’.

Should You Try Why Stanford Essay?

These types of essays are known as effective. You describe why you have chosen the educational establishment and how it can fulfill your dreams. Here is a list of the most common sentences and ideas students write in their admission essays on the topic ‘Why Stanford’:

  • Some of them honor the university for its rich history, remarkable students and lots of scientific discoveries
  • Many people try to insist that Stanford is the only place on Earth where they can show their potential and develop their skills
  • Another idea that pierces many essays is the unique environment and combination of knowledge and professionalism in the university
  • Other people try to sell themselves, listing their talents, skills, and arguments that must persuade the university members to accept them to the ‘family’

To say honestly, these are good strategies for admission essays. But probably not for Stanford essays. You need to understand one thing: people who read these essays every year have checked billions of papers already. It is very difficult to ‘invent a bicycle’ relying on these topics and ideas.

That is why we suggest not to try to write an essay on something like what matters to you and why Stanford essay. Unless you see the direct demand to do it in the latest guide. People who are going to accept your essay await more uniqueness and creativity. An admission essay is primarily a chance for you to show your analytical and leading skills, how you can operate information and how you can understand tasks.

Proper Essay Requirements Stanford Is Expecting

Many people surf the Internet with the question ‘does Stanford require essay?’ The answer is ‘definitely, yes’. There is no doubt a candidate has to write a paper, long or short. Let’s check what papers are the most desirable for this university. First of all, in Stanford University, they are pleased with students’ ability to analyze things and happenings around them.

You can find a lot of prompts entitled ‘describe the biggest challenge’, ‘point out the greatest problem of modern times’, etc. So try to analyze the world around you and do not be afraid. Usually, there are no definite answers to these questions.

Do not think they want you to respond exactly. Even more, unique and brand new points of view are always appreciated. Stanford University, like any other educational establishment, can require an essay about a candidate.

Sometimes they ask to enlist words better describing them, other times they ask to share the biggest dream. Anyway, Stanford essay requirements concerning these essays search for analytical skills as well. This time you’ll have to analyze yourself. And again, do not be afraid and do not think you are obligated to write only positive things. Always try to consider the uniqueness of your paper.

Think how other thousands of candidates would write the same paper. If you overcome them, you will be accepted. Learn how to analyze your past deeds and actions and how to make proper conclusions.

Yes, being unique is important, but it is not a reason to use controversial topics and ideas. They can be good in shocking the audience and raising the discussion bar, of course. At the same time, they can scare off your readers and you will get nothing at the end. The main secret of successful Stanford essay writing is your ability to walk on the edge without falling down.

Common Stanford Essay Prompts

We have found some similarities among the thousands accepted Stanford essays we have read. They can be divided into several categories:

  • How you understand yourself – all topics that require describing yourself and your favorite things
  • How you understand the society – all topics that lay an emphasis on different social happenings
  • How you understand history – topics related to historical events and remarkable personalities

The main requirement to these papers is the same for all three cases: be sincere. Do not imagine a perfect person. Always write about yourself, no matter how badly you treat yourself. Cheating of this kind is revealed very quickly. If people who read your essay will feel your passion, they will notice your paper among thousands of similar ones.