Money back guarantee

Our custom writing company takes care of the people that come to us for assistance, and we do everything we can to satisfy them fully. We understand how important it is for people to know their rights and alternatives given by our company, for this reason, we’ve written this section, namely our money-back guarantee. We believe that when the customer is acquainted with the conditions and peculiarities of our work, it is a thing that can definitely improve the quality of our service.

Our buyers seldom use the feature of getting their money back because we can handle orders of varying intricacy levels, and yet we believe that this type of opportunity must be granted at all times. Additionally, there’s a revision option to meet each criterion.

Trying to receive a refund, it is best to make certain your case corresponds the explanation of the situations outlined down below. We should point out that only in a limited number of situations you have got the chance to get back all the money you’ve paid.

100% refund

  1. In case you duplicated your order
    If you find yourself in this kind of situation, we suggest you get ahold of our customer support staff and inform them as soon as possible. We want to stress that you do not have the opportunity to return the full amount if a writer has already begun working on of your task; therefore, it is best for you to fill the order form attentively and double-check it.
  2. When we haven’t chosen a writer yet, but the order had been called off
    We think you don’t need any detailed explanations here. If we haven’t found a specialist by the time you cancel the submission of your order, you can always receive a full refund without any problems.
  3. Lack of available writers
    We hire only workers competent enough to complete orders of different complexity and academic levels, but it is possible that there aren’t any matching writers available because we have a seriously high workload, or/and the ordered task is very demanding when it comes to specific expertise on a tricky topic.
  4. If you paid twice for one order
    Unfortunately, even given that we’re very meticulous with handling all the bills and orders, sometimes such problems can happen. Get in touch with our client support the instant you realize that you were charged double the price for one order. Remember, it is possible to receive a full refund only after we look through all of your receipts.

Partial refund

There are some conditions, based on which you can be offered a part of the amount back.

  1. Missing the due date
    Unfortunately, even when we’re giving your order everything we have, there might be some unpredictable occurrences. In this situation, there might be a few points that influence the refunded sum, so each case is discussed with the client. Sometimes, complications with the delivery timeliness can be caused by the client’s actions or their lack. For instance, a delayed upload of required documents can slow down the author. In cases like this, a refund won’t be available. Make sure that you’ve sent over all the important material right after you completed the order form.
  2. Canceling the order while it’s already been given to our specialist
    Taking into account the writer’s partial work, you will be refunded with 70% of the total amount. When there is less than half of the total time remaining to the due date, your refund will be 50% max.
  3. Dissatisfaction with the final result
    You can always get in touch with us to report any claims concerning the complete paper so that we can investigate them. If your complaint is found reasonable enough, you will be given a money-back option. Although most often our customers’ demands are satisfied, and then they are content with the papers drafted by our experts, we’re ready to review all the feedback on our service to make it better.
  4. Plagiarism
    Our primary goal while focusing on your tasks is to use only reliable and relevant information that would be unique and interesting. But, if you provide us with some proof that your work has been plagiarized, we’ll look into your situation and, based on our findings, we will offer you a partial refund or revision.

No refund

  1. You hoped to receive a higher mark
    We always strive to do our utmost, but we can’t guarantee the greatest mark as it often depends on your teacher’s or professor’s evaluation.
  2. You requested proofreading, formatting or editing
    If you order services mentioned previously, we can’t change the content. We aren’t liable for the content of the initially provided paper or any claims regarding its content.

Money-back process

When you apply for a refund, and your application is confirmed, you will receive your money back not later than five workdays following the confirmation itself. When there are some difficulties with the financial transaction involving any third parties, remember that such claims aren’t susceptible to review.

Also, we offer the money back option for the sum of more than 10 USD since otherwise it hardly covers the transaction fees. Apart from the refund itself, you could use your money to include our future assistance, saving the refunded sum on your personal account.