Stanford Roommate Essay: What Is It?

Are you wondering how to write the Stanford roommate essay? A Stanford Roommate Essay is one of the essays which Stanford University requires from the applicants in addition to their application form. Basically, it is a letter to your possible future roommates. According to the website of the University, this letter you should write regarding some details which describe you as a person and which will help understand who you are.

You should keep in mind that the University’s examiners value this essay a lot. The reason is that Stanford University has one of the best and most friendly student communities all over the globe and the University is really proud of this fact. That is why you should do your best to write a unique and original essay about you explaining what a type of roommate you are.

How to Write the Stanford Future Roommate Essay

The roommate Essay in the Stanford University is a big part of the application. That is why you must write this paper very responsibly. Here below we will mention the basic rules you should follow to create a perfect roommate essay Stanford University would like.

Rule No.1 – create a plan for your essay. This preparation step is extremely important because this essay should be only from 100 to 250 words and you have to tell your roommates as much as you can. That is why you should detect as many details.

Rule No.2 – think of the structure. You should organize the details into paragraphs by theme. By doing this you will create a structured and logical essay that will lead the reader from the first sentence to the conclusions and let him understand every single detail.

Rule No.3 – always revise the paper. With 99% of veracity, you will not write the 250-word Stanford essay letter to roommate from the first time in the way it should be written. That is okay. Just leave the essay for a day and after that revise it with “clear thoughts and mind”.

Rule No.4 – always think about the balance. In accordance with the Master Yoda`s instructions, you should always keep a balance. Either mentioning fewer details with more explanations or mentioning more details with fewer explanations will negatively influence your essay. That is why you need to choose as many details as you can describe by two or three sentences within 250 words.

And the last note to roommate Stanford essay: keep in mind that this letter will be read not only by your possible future roommates but also by the examiners. So, if you have had some awesome stories connected with alcohol, drugs or other “hot” topics it is always better to tell your roommates about them personally.

Stanford Roommate Essays Outline Example

Here is an approximate plan of an ideal Stanford roommate essay:

  1. Opening sentence: “It is a common situation that everyone has some unknown things which can describe him/her as a person. For example, I like to…. And in case I have already started to write about such details here are some more”
  2. Main part – you should introduce the details which you decided will be the most suitable to write about. The best structure for this part is to name the detail and give a brief description of it: “Smell fetish. A couple of years ago I discovered that I almost always smell things that I am going to eat or which I need to identify. For example, I always smell food before I will eat it. It sounds really creepy but it looks much better than sounds”
  3. Conclusion: you need to write a summary of all the aforementioned. Two or three sentences would be enough. For example: “Well, now you know the main thing about me. I would be surprised if you were okay for the entire length of time while you were reading this essay. But if you     are thinking all the aforementioned is alright for a person to have then you are creepier than me”
  4. Closing sentence: usually, applicants are writing that it would be great to read     their roommates` essays

Following these rules, you will be able to create a Stanford roommate essay accepted by the examiners. And probably the most important advice: always write the truth, only the truth and nothing except the truth. Because in case you lie in your essay and examiners decide to check such facts and detect that you have lied you will fail your application for sure.