How To Write Stanford Transfer Essay

Today you are going to find out how to write Stanford Transfer Essay. This article will be helpful if you are concerned with what is suitable to tell, what is better to avoid and how to clarify your position in your essay.

What is a transfer essay? This is an essay, where you need to tell, why you decided to change your place of studying, considering all the details and future expectations of a new place. Writing such a paper is one of the aspects of transferring to Stanford college.

If you are worried about confidentiality and secrecy of your paper, let us tell you, that transfer essay college confidential aspects are kept and it will not go anywhere else, where you do not want it to go.

Tips And Rules: How to Start Transfer Essay

Every type of writing has its structure and the first thing you should consult is an essay structure format. Start with the Stanford transfer essays introduction part. Introduce yourself and tell about your future goals, if you enter the desirable college.

What to include in your essay:

  • Focusing on the future goals in your future college life. Briefly tell about your main purpose. One sentence will be enough for introduction because transfer essay is a short one
  • Providing specific reasons for wanting to enter the college. Tell about what keeps you interested in entering this college and give the reader your reasons, so he could understand why it is so desirable for you
  • Providing academic goals. This is where you have to give the reader your academic goals, not specific ones
  • Highlighting the department’s values. Tell about values of the department, that attract you and make you want to enter this university and not the other one. Tell about opportunities, that the college can give you if you enter it
  • Focusing on the future. The conclusion part, where you should generally tell about what you expect from your future college

This was the basic structure of a transfer essay. By the way, besides the structure, there is also a list of tips and hints on what to write in your transfer essay exactly. We are going to tell what you can tell, what will be appropriate and what will not.

You can tell about something of the below as an introduction to “hook” the reader and make it catchy:

  • you can tell about something you achieved or accomplished, studying at your current college
  • you can tell about your first arrival at the current college of yours
  • you can tell some anecdote from your school days or childhood, which will fit there

Avoid these items, when writing such an essay:

  • Failing to focus on the future. Don’t say that you hope to be an excellent student in the college, as a conclusion, because there is no focusing on the future or precise thoughts and it can play tricks on you
  • Asserting negative claims. Do not use provocative and negative sentences about your previous studying place, because it pushes people back. Make an accent on the college, that you want to enter. Do not be so negative about the others
  • Explaining bad grades. Do not try to explain, why your grades were poor in your previous college. Avoid mentioning your relationships with the professors of that college or anything like this. It is too personal and nobody needs it. The reader will take it as an attempt to gain sympathy

How to End a Transfer Essay Catchy?

Stanford transfer essays conclusion, as well as its introduction, has to be catchy, so the reader can remember you. You can use one of the below for your conclusion:

  • Tell about how these accomplishments will fit in with the college, that you’d like to transfer to
  • Tell about who you are for now and with what the college that you want to transfer to can help you while becoming the one who you want to be
  • Tell an anecdote that touches this topic, the place you are now and the place you want to be in the future. One more time, focus on the future and its goals

Writing stanford transfer essays is not easy, but you can do it, following our tips, hints and prompts that we collected to present to you, Actually, if you do not want to spend your time, creating an essay, you