Tips on Writing Stanford Supplemental Essays

A supplemental essay is a paper that is aimed to show people who decide if you are accepted to Stanford or not your desire to study and skills needed for the university. The main secret you need to know in order to write a good Stanford university supplemental essay is the fact that it is not you who choose where to study but the university staff chooses whom to teach.

Treat yourself like on a job interview: you are selling your skills and knowledge and an employer buys it. The same situation is here: the university seeks the best people to be proud of in the future and you need to prove that you are the best choice.

Stanford supplement essays may differ from year to year, but usually, there are several main requirements similar to all topics and years:

  • An author writes about him- or herself. That is why the narration must be conducted from the first person
  • An author must reveal his or her attitude to a happening, place, person or object. No general explanation is needed, just write about feelings and thoughts appearing
  • An author has to suggest a solution to a definite problem. Problems may differ, but a brief and clear algorithm of actions is always expected

There are several skills required from a student to write good Stanford supplemental essays:

  • Ability to analyze. A student needs to show knowledge of several ways of information analysis. He or she also must be able to compare facts, find the essence and structure data
  • Ability to make conclusions. It can be the most important skill. Proper conclusions can sum up a paper and promote it. It is an ability to create and prove new facts on the basis of given and analyzed information
  • Students have to evaluate a topic and show abilities to persuade the audience. As a rule, all supplemental essays in Stanford imply the persuasive manner of writing. It is not a simple school paper but a letter with reasons for your applying for the university

Requirements of Stanford Supplement Essay 2018

In order to know how to write Stanford supplemental essays this year, you need to learn the main requirements. This year students will think about studying mostly. Many questions are connected with students’ lives, the process of learning and general expectations concerned with the university. The Stanford supplemental essay word limit is a well-known problem for students.

It is very strict for each part of the essay. Try to squeeze your thoughts in 50, 100 and sometimes 10 words for each paragraph. Many essay topics are devoted to imaginary stories. For instance, in one of them, you need to write a letter to your future roommate on campus to let him and the university staff know more about you.

It is better not to list all your achievements but to write about one peculiarity or feature of your personality and describe how it will be useful. Some topics may seem simple: write about something important to you and why. Here you need to refer to traditional values of people mostly. Try to concern family, friends, success somehow.

Do not be afraid to be a little bit odd. If you are able to prove that even the weirdest thing has importance for you, you will be believed. The most essential advice we can give concerning Stanford university supplement essay – you need to be honest. Do not try to cheat or write about things which came from your imagination.

No matter how you feel your imagination is hidden inside the text, it will be revealed. People at Stanford are willing to see your passion and pure desire, so do not fail them.

Some Stanford Supplemental Essay Prompts

Almost every Stanford supplement essay prompt in 2018 concerns your hobby or a thing you like. Also, they ask you to show your attitude to a problem or give advice. Check a brief list of the most popular topics this year:

  • Please tell us about a thing you like most of all
  • Describe a person you admire
  • What music do you listen to? What movies do you watch? Why?
  • What problems does the modern society have?
  • Describe your biggest challenge
  • Write about your merits
  • Write about your biggest accomplishment

Also, a very popular way to test students is suggesting them a topic of their own choice. It is aimed to see how you can operate without any directions. Chances to fail a free topic essay are higher, but good essays are esteemed better. Write the free topic essay only if you are absolutely sure of your skills.