Writing Stanford Essays Is Simpler With Our Guide!

Stanford University is a popular institution founded in California about 150 years ago. Many students choose this university, so it became the most selective in America. The admission process requires making Stanford essays and responding to several questions. This is not a secret it may be hard for many students to become accepted because not each person has good skills in writing to create a brilliant paper.
If a question “How to get into Stanford?” keeps popping up in your mind, then read our useful guide to get the most effective tips on creating a great paper successfully. We want to provide you with detailed information and useful hints on making a good work to impress the admission committee.

Stanford Essay Requirements for the Most Competitive Freshmen

Stanford requires freshmen to write several short essays to know students better. They value essays where applicants write about themselves by their own voice. Papers help the admission committee to get to know people, their interests, and motivation better. Needless to say, only the best works become accepted.
Apart from this, Stanford pays attention to the academic level of all applicants. For example, according to a Stanford foreign language requirement, a competitive applicant must have four years of a foreign language. The same requirements are for math, science, social studies, and English.

Stanford Essay Questions for Applicants

According to Stanford’s application, a freshman has to write responses to seven short questions (around 50 words each), and also create four longer essays (around 100-250 words each). Keep reading our article and you will find questions with useful hints on writing!

Stanford Essay Tips on Answering Short Questions

Writing Stanford essays is not a simple task, but we have several tips for you. Let’s review each of the seven short questions individually:

What is the biggest challenge modern people face today?

Here you may come with quite traditional things but avoid choosing a too broad or very popular topic because your paper may seem banal and not very impressive. And don’t forget that when you’re talking about any challenge, you need to suggest the decision for the situation.

What did you do during the last two summers?

Here you should show many activities to show the committee that you’re a bright and interesting person who is always involved in some activities.

What significant moment of history would you dream to witness personally?

Choose something interesting and concrete that could characterize your own interests. Keep in mind that the main task here is to show yourself through this question.

Can you describe yourself using just 5 words?

This task seems so simple but also hard! Avoid common words that will be chosen by many people. Be creative to stand apart from the crowd. For example, think up an abbreviation that would consist of these five words.

What do you prefer to watch/listen to/read?

Here you need to mention your favorite movie, music, and book. Through this task, the admission committee will learn many things about yourself. Of course, there is no need to lie and pretend that you watch only historical films, listen to classical music, and read encyclopedias every day. Just try to keep a balance between educational and enjoyable things.

Describe the one event you are expecting to experience in Stanford

Be honest in giving an answer to this question and think thoroughly why you really want to be accepted at this university. This is a good task for yourself to make sure it’s your own choice, but not because your parents have forced you to apply.

What would you do If you have got an extra hour in your day?

Don’t choose anything boring and trivial like reading a book, having more sleep, or learning something new. Be creative and think up something interesting to make the paper noticeable.

Stanford Essay Prompts on Writing a Successful Paper

Do you want to get more ideas on how to write Stanford essays successfully? Then follow these hints to create great writing easily:
Write a short letter to your future roommate in Stanford
This work will help the admission committee to know you better. Here are our suggestions on writing:
Don’t be too cheesy in your work
Write from your heart
Be creative to make an interesting paper
What do you like to learn? Describe what makes you feel excited about studying at Stanford
Think honestly what really makes you excited to learn. Maybe you accepted a challenge when you started to learn a new language or started to attend courses for writers? Fill your paper with real passion!
What does really matter to you in this life? Explain why it does matter
In this Stanford personal essay, the admission committee wants to see yourself behind your education and grades. Avoid banal answers and focus on something that plays a significant role in your life.
Tell briefly about your work experience of any extracurricular activities
This short essay is a good opportunity to show your interests and personality. You may write about working in a dance studio, or being a volunteer, or participating in a religious group. The more details you will write, the more information the committee will get about yourself.

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